Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Chandragiri while visiting Tirupati

Where is Chandragiri fort?

Chandragiri is a beautiful town in Andhra Pradesh located in the District of Chittoor. It is Chandragiri Mandal’s official residence in Tirupati. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Tirupati Urban Development Authority. It’s just 15 km west of Tirupati, which can be easily reached by bus or cab. Also, Srinivasa Mangapuram lies near Chandragiri, where well-paved paths called sopanamargas are accessible on foot to reach Tirumala. You can book a Tirupati tour package from Chennai and reach Chandragiri. The Chandragiri Fort, which was built in the 11th century, and the Raja Mahal (palace) inside it are now well-known. The fort is surrounded by eight ruined Shaivite and Vaishnavite temples, Rani Mahal, Raja Mahal, and other olden establishments.

Interesting Facts about Chandragiri fort – 

    Did you know that Chandragiri fort is about 1000 years old and it was built by the Yadava Rayas! It entered the pages of history when the rulers of the Vijayanagar empire fled Hampi and made it their capital. They ruled for more than three centuries.

  • The sultans of Golconda were annexed to it in 1646 and eventually, it came under the Kings of Mysore. The fort was abandoned in the late 18th century. The building’s architecture is amazing and strategically located. Maybe this is why over the centuries so many kings attempted to preserve its beauty. 
  • If you book a One day Tirupati tour package from Chennai you can easily complete your trip to Chandragiri fort in less than 2 hours.
  • The fort was built on a 180 m high sandstone and gives strong security and protection from a 1.5 km wall enclosure. There is also a Rani Mahal and a Raja Mahal (king palace). 
  • The Raja Mahal is now a museum housing stone and bronze artifacts. The museum also includes the Fort’s designs, the main temple, and so on. The private path that was intended for the king’s family is known as one of the trails called Srivari Mettu.

The best thing to do is to book your tickets in advance for a oneday trip to Tirupati from Chennai to avoid crowded visits to the fort and the Chennai to Tirupati Car Packages costs are also lesser during less crowded times. Reserve your spot by booking an e-ticket for you and your family instead of going to the reservation counter to book the tickets. 

Hotels and Restaurants near Chandragiri fort – 

Hotels –

  • Hotel Srivari
  • Sri Kapileswara Residency
  • Treebo Trip Riyas Grand
  • FabExpress Aditya Yatri Nivas
  • Kommineni Residency, and a lot more which are just at a distance of about 100 meters from the Chandragiri fort. 

Restaurants –

  • Orion Restaurant 
  • Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Raju Gari Ruchulu
  • Dojin Smart Restaurant
  • Abhiruchi, and a lot more around 1 km radius from the Chandragiri fort. 

The best time to visit Chandragiri fort – 

The months from December to April are the best time to go to Chandragiri Fort, as the climate will be very pleasant and cool. Hence, start booking your Tirupati Travel Packages from Chennai at the soonest to visit the beautiful Chandragiri Fort.

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